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Vehicle Interior Cleaning
Vehicle interiors are comprised of many different fabrics and materials. The first step for a professional cleaner will be to assess what is in your vehicle and the severity of stains and debris. We will vacuum the entire interior to remove loose debris. Carpet and cloth interiors will receive a cleaning similar to the hot water extraction method that is used on upholstery in your home.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services
In anything we do, first impression is the last impression too, and the cleanliness of any office reflects an impression which is why businesses depend on a clean environment. Joel's Super Cleaning worked hard to acquire many commercial carpet cleaning contracts, but what is harder is to maintain a high level of cleanliness to retain those contracts year over year. What we do and how we keep offices clean makes a very positive impact for other business, and because we know they depend on this we do not compromise anything to achieve this. So call us today and we will be glad to accommodate all of your needs.

Upholstery Cleaning
The upholstery on your furniture can be cleaned in much the same way as your carpeting. The professional cleaning team will come out to your home and first assess your furniture to determine which cleaning process will clean it properly and without causing harm. They will use either the hot water extraction method or a lower moisture method depending on the type of fabric requires. They will follow up with a deodorizer to leave your furniture smelling fresh and protector spray to help prevent future stains.
Most furniture manufacturers recommend having your furniture cleaned once every year. This will keep your furniture looking new, smelling fresh, remove allergens and could prolong its life. If you have children or pets, your furniture may require more frequent cleanings.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and grout floors can be cleaned with a process similar to the hot water extraction method. The professional cleaning team will apply a cleaning agent specific to your tile and grout needs and then remove it with a vacuum while scrubbing to remove stains. This can be followed with an application of a sealant to provide protection against stains in between cleanings.
 Like hardwood flooring, having your tile and grout floors professionally cleaned will provide a deep clean that will work to prevent stains from discoloring the floor between cleanings. It is still important to regularly sweep and mop your floors, but having a professional deep cleaning once or twice a year will make it easier to maintain your floors on a daily basis.

Hard Floor Waxing, Stripping
Without proper maintenance hard surface floors loose their shine and quality. High traffic areas are prone to dirt and grit. Dirt and grit can cause scratches and nicks just from routine traffic and damage floors permanently giving your beautiful floor a less than professional look.
Area Rug Cleaning
When it comes to cleaning an area rug, they are done in much the same manner as regular carpet cleaning. The difference here will be in customizing detergents and tools to protect the delicate fibers.
​ It is important to have your area rugs cleaned professionally because they behave differently than regular carpeting. Scrubbing too hard or using the wrong type of cleaner can cause permanent damage to your rugs. Protect your investment by allowing the professionals to care for your precious rugs.
Carpet Cleaning
The most common method of professional carpet cleaning is the hot water extraction method, which may be referred to as "steam cleaning." In this method, the cleaners will spray heated water with an added cleaning agent onto the carpet. At the same time, they vacuum up the water along with any dirt or stains that are dissolved. Since liquid is used, carpets will need to be dried thoroughly. The greatest reason why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned, instead of doing it yourself, is water damage. Typically, machines that you can purchase or rent to do hot water extraction cleaning in your home are not as efficient at removing the water from your carpets as the professional machines. In addition to minimizing the risk of water damage and the potential hazards that come with it, professional carpet cleaners know exactly which products will work best for your carpeting
Pet Odor Removal
A deodorizer is sprayed on that works at the enzyme level to eliminate pet odor and stains. Depending on the severity and age of the stain, an additional cleaning agent or deodorizing spray may be used to remove the odor from your home. In addition to providing a fresher smelling home, it is important to have pet urine and feces stains removed as well as possible to prevent other animals from marking the same areas. Removing pet odors from your home can also help remove allergens for those who suffer from pet allergies
Stain Removal

Stain analysis and removal is included in every service provided by Joel's Super Cleaning. Each service has a unique process, but most include analyzing the stain in question, applying the appropriate cleaning agent, and removing it before the regular service. After this process, the regular cleaning service will be provided as described by your technician. Aside from them being unsightly, it is important to remove stains because of the damage they can be doing to your carpet, floors, rugs, or furniture on a molecular level. Porous fabrics and materials will actually absorb a stain and that can cause damage and permanent discoloring. Having them removed can stop damage from occurring and a protective spray can help prevent future stains and damage.